Selected projects

  • Fatigue analyses of the Hejre platform
  • Development of Metocean design parameters for Hejre, Solsort & South Arne
  • Dynamic analyses of the Siri platform in connection to an insurance case
  • Fatigue analyses of Nini, Cecilie and Nini East taking into account wave diffraction
  • Conceptual design of a mooring system for a lifting barge for installation of gravity based windmill foundations
  • Development of a standard for mooring of wave energy converters
  • Structural design of wave energy devices (SDWED) – an international research project founded by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation
  • Installation of windmill foundations at Anholt, Denmark and Sheringham Shoal, England
  • Design and fabrication of a FPSO for the Peregrino Field, Brazil and the Vincent Field, Australia
  • Experimental determination of the energy production for the wave energy device “Bølgemøllen”
  • Development of the STAR platform concept – a jack-up installed mono-tower platform
  • Detailed design of STAR platforms for Kraka, Valdemar, Dagmar, Dan FD, Dan FE, Skjold B, Skjold C, Tyra West E, and Roar A
  • Feasibility studies of a mono-tower platform for AMOCO’s South Everest Field and a quasar jacket for PPCON
  • Conceptual design of mono-tower platforms and other minimum structures for Svend, Mjølner, Trym, Vallhall, Mobil UK, and a STAR platform for 65 m water depth
  • Development of a Suction Pile Platform for the North Sea – a research project founded by the Danish Energy Council
  • Comparative evaluation of Minimum Structures and Jackets – a JIP managed by Rambøll
  • Assessment of damage and speed in the collision between M/V Danalith and M/T Arzew
  • Determination of recommended ship impact force/deformation curves for Supply Vessels
  • Determination of added mass of a supply vessel in ship impacts
  • Development of ISO 19901-1 International Standard for Metocean Design and Operating Conditions

Development of ISO 19902 International Standard for Fixed Offshore Steel Structures

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