• 2014-17.

    Involved as an expert in the Hejre platform and ship impact design

  • 2011-15.

    Design appraisal of mono-tower platforms taking into account wave diffraction

  • 2011-15.

    Independent analyses of Siri Incidence

  • 2011-13.

    Supervisor for GISS (Group for Investigation of Siri Incidence)

  • 2004.

    Conceptual design of StepUpPool – an adjustable second bottom for swimming pools. Client: NDD Partner Inside.

  • 2001.

    Assessment of the relative motions between the Ensco101 drilling rig and the South Arne platform at rig deck level during drilling operation. Client: DONG E&P A/S.

  • 1995.

    Project Engineer. Determined geotechnical parameters and wave and current conditions for the selflowering/ spanning trend simulations for the NorFra pipeline from the Norwegian offshore sector to Dunkerque, France. Client: STATOIL.

  • 1988-89.

    Involved in the development of the STAR platform concept – a jack-up installed mono-tower platform.
    The work performed in co-operation with Rambøll. Client: Mærsk Olie og Gas AS.

  • 1988.

    Feasibility study for free standing slug catcher on 40 m water depth.

  • 1988.

    Reanalysis of Skjold helideck as lay-down area.

  • 1988.

    Evaluation of strength and soil bearing capacity for various rigs for service as water injection platforms at the Skjold field.

  • 1987-88.

    Supervision of the design of several templates for approximately 40 m water depth in the Danish part of the North Sea.

  • 1987-88.

    Evaluation and selection of software for the structural and marine group, Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S.

  • 1986-88.

    Assessment of soil bearing capacity for jack-up rings for drilling operation in the DUC concession area in the Danish part of the North Sea.

  • 1986.

    Evaluation of hydrogen cracks in the Dan FC jacket.

  • 1986.

    Evaluation of the transportation fatigue for the four-legged Dan FC jacket based on the results from 32 fatigue indicators that were mounted on the jacket during the transport.

  • 1986.

    Supervision of COWIconsult’s design of three extra conductors for the Dan FB jacket.

  • 1985.

    Supervision of Rambøll & Hannemann’s concept study of four-legged jacket for the Kraka field.

  • 1985.

    Assessment of the Gorm C jacket exposed to earthquake loads.

  • 1984-85.

    Supervision of Rambøll & Hannemann’s design of the four-legged jacket for the Rolf field.

  • 1984-85.

    Supervision of COWI’s design of a free standing caisson for 34 m water depth.

  • 1984.

    Participated in the conceptual design of a hybrid gravity platform for 100 m water depth in the South China Sea.
    The design was performed in Kampsax-Perhalls office in Hong Kong for Kumagai Gumi.

  • 1983-84.

    Development and implementation of a computer programme for automatic code check
    of jacket structures to the Danish Offshore Code.

  • 1983.

    Responsible for selection and development of computer programmes for Geoplan’s offshore group.

  • 1982-83.

    Participated in the design of six jackets for Tyra East and West field in the Danish part of the North Sea. Performed the computer analyses of the platforms and special investigations as for instance collision studies. Client: Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S.


Sterndorff Engineering provides solutions for advanced technical problems and performs research and development within the field of structural and marine engineering.

The solutions are founded on profound knowledge based on many years of experience and research and development within the area.

The problems may be solved in close co-operation with other consulting engineers and researchers throughout the World.

Sterndorff Engineering was founded by Dr. Martin J. Sterndorff in 1988 as a part-time consultancy. In 2004 the company was changed to a small limited company and Dr. Sterndorff started to work full time in the company.

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