Martin Jákup Sterndorff

April 3rd 1951


  • PhD in Naval Architecture from the Technical University of Denmark (1980)
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (1977)
  • Danish Society of Engineers
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Fixed and floating offshore structures
  • Naval architecture
  • Ship collisions
  • Metocean parameters
  • Reliability analyses
  • Static and dynamic analyses
  • Mooring analyses and design
  • Member of IEC TC114/PT 62600-10 Preparing a standard for mooring of wave energy converters (2010 – date)
Member of S-614 Danish Standards Committee for Wave Energy Converters (2010 – date)
Member of S-406 Danish Standards Committee for Offshore Structures (1995 – date)
Officially appointed examiner at the Technical University of Aalborg (1988 – 2005)
Member of ISO/TC67/SC7/WG3, Panel 1 – Metocean and Panel 2 – Actions, preparing a new International Code for fixed Offshore Structures (1995 – 2005)
  • Secretary of the Committee for Review of DS-449 – Dansk Ingeniørforenings Code for Pile Supported Offshore Steel Structures (1989 – 94)
  • Member of the Representative Committee for approval of Dansk Ingeniørforenings Recommendation for Transportation and Installation of Offshore Structures (1988)

Experience Record

With an education as MSc in mechanical engineering specialised in solid mechanics and a PhD in naval architecture, Dr. Sterndorff has more than 25 years experience with research, design, numerical analyses and model testing of offshore structures and other marine structures.
Through his education, courses, and professional experience he has gained profound knowledge about fixed and floating offshore structures, structural analysis and design, dynamics, hydrodynamics, wave kinematics, wave, current, and wind loads, ship impact, metocean parameters, statistics, reliability theory, hydraulic model testing, and development of numerical models. Through his voluntary activities as an accountant for the scouts, he has gained large experience in bookkeeping, economics, and accounts.
Dr. Sterndorff has wide experience with leadership. He has been the project manager on numerous large projects. He has also worked as the company representative on platform designs and fieldwork offshore.

Managing Director and Owner of Sterndorff Engineering (1988 – date)

Sterndorff Engineering was founded in 1988 as a part-time consultancy providing solutions to advanced technical problems for the offshore and the marine industry. In 2004 the company was changed to a small limited company and Dr. Sterndorff started to work full time in the company. Through Sterndorff Engineering Dr. Sterndorff has provided services to the following projects:

  • Seconded as Senior Structural & Marine Specialist to DONG E&P
  • Conceptual design of a mooring system for a lifting barge for installation of gravity based windmill foundations
  • Structural design of wave energy devices (SDWED) – an international research project founded by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation
  • Installation of windmill foundations at Anholt, Denmark and at Sheringham Shoal, England
  • Seconded as Structural & Marine Engineer to Maersk FPSO’s
  • Experimental determination of the energy production for the wave energy device “Bølgemøllen”
  • Detailed design of STAR platforms for Kraka, Valdemar, Dagmar, Dan FD, Dan FE, Skjold B, Skjold C, Tyra West E, and Roar A
  • Feasibility studies of a mono-tower platform for AMOCO’s South Everest Field and a quasar jacket for PPCON
  • Conceptual design of mono-tower platforms and other minimum structures for Svend, Mjølner, Trym, Vallhall, Mobil UK, and a STAR platform for 65 m water depth
  • Development of a Suction Pile Platform for the North Sea – a research project founded by the Danish Energy Council
  • Comparative evaluation of Minimum Structures and Jackets – a JIP managed by Rambøll
  • Development of the STAR platform concept – a jack-up installed mono-tower platform
  • Assessment of damage and speed in the collision between M/V Danalith and M/T Arzew
  • Determination of recommended ship impact force/deformation curves for Supply Vessels
  • Determination of added mass of a supply vessel in ship impacts

Senior Structural & Marine Specialist DONG E&P (2011-2017)

  • Acting Chief Structural Engineer (2011 –12)
  • Design appraisal of mono-tower platforms taking into account wave diffraction (2011 – 15)
  • Supervisor for GISS (Group for Investigation of Siri Incidence) (2011 – 13)
  • Independent analyses of Siri incidence (2011 – 15)
  • Involved as an expert in the Hejre platform fatigue and ship impact design (2014 – 17)
  • Project manager Metocean parameters for Hejre, Solsort & South Arne (2014 – 15)

Knud E. Hansen & OSK-ShipTech (2010-11)

  • Design of mooring systems for various vessels
  • Design of mooring systems for vessels attending Svanen for Sheringham Shoale
  • Weather windows for installation of Anholt wind mill foundations

Structural Design of Wave Energy Devices (SDWED) – an international research project for founded by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation (2010-14)

  • Responsible for mooring design.

Wave Plane (2009-2009)

  • Investigation of the cause for the disconnection from the moorings for the wave energy device Wave Plane

Senior Structural & Marine Engineer Maersk FPSOs (2006-2010)

  • Lead Structural & Marine engineer for the hull conversion of two VLCC’s to FPSO’s for the Vincent Field, Offshore West Australia and the Peregrino Field, Offshore Brazil.
  • Re-evaluation of the Metocean design parameters for the Vincent Field.
  • Development of procedures for response based assessment of FPSO hulls and moorings.
  • Response based re-assessment of the anchors for Maersk Ngujima-Yin, the FPSO for the Vincent Field.

Bølgemøllen (2005-2006)

  • Model tests with the wave energy device “Bølgemøllen”

Senior Engineer DHI Water & Environment (1988 – 2004)

  • Project manager on numerous model test programmes such as testing of fixed offshore platforms, TLP’s, FPSO’s, and tunnel modules for the Øresund Bridge.
  • Quality control of model test programmes performed by colleagues.
  • Design of ship impact protections for bridge piers for several bridges.
  • Full-scale grounding tests in connection with the design of the ship impact protection for the Great Belt Bridge.
  • Development of design Metocean parameters for the Ekofisk field including the effects of diffraction by the Ekofisk Barrier.
  • Development of design Metocean parameters for the subsiding Tyra Field in the Danish part of the North Sea.Development of rational procedures for determination of directional design wave heights.
  • Development of rational wave warning and shut-down procedures the subsiding Tyra Field.
  • Developed software for Wave-in-Deck loading of fixed offshore structures.
  • Project manager on several research projects with subjects such as: second order forces on and response of floating structures, wave load on fixed structures, reliability based life extension of existing offshore structures, reliability of offshore structures subject to wave-in-deck loads.

Senior Engineer Mærsk Olie og Gas (1984 – 1988)

  • Supervision of the development of Metocean design parameters for the Danish part of the North Sea.
  • Development of design basis for offshore platforms in the Danish part of the North Sea.
  • Development of design basis for transportation of offshore platforms.
  • Development of company standard for assessment of jack-up’s.
  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design of offshore platforms and subsea completions.
  • Supervision of vendors performing detailed design of offshore platforms and topside structures.
  • Re-assessment of existing offshore platforms.
  • Supervision of soil borings offshore.
  • Measurements of vibrations on offshore platforms.
  • Measurements and assessment of fatigue during transportation of jackets from Japan to the North Sea.
  • Research co-ordinator for research projects funded by the Company.

Naval Architect & Software Engineer Geoplan (Kampsax Group) (1982-1984)

  • Participated in the design of the steel jackets for the Tyra Field, Offshore Denmark and the conceptual design of a concrete platform for the South China Sea.
  • Developed software for jacket launching and code check of steel platforms according to the Danish Offshore Code.

Research Fellow at the Technical University of Denmark (1980 – 1982)

  • Developed computer software for wave and current loading and static and dynamic analysis of offshore platforms in the frequency domain and in the time domain.
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Sterndorff Engineering provides solutions for advanced technical problems and performs research and development within the field of structural and marine engineering.

The solutions are founded on profound knowledge based on many years of experience and research and development within the area.

The problems may be solved in close co-operation with other consulting engineers and researchers throughout the World.

Sterndorff Engineering was founded by Dr. Martin J. Sterndorff in 1988 as a part-time consultancy. In 2004 the company was changed to a small limited company and Dr. Sterndorff started to work full time in the company.

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